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This is what the website is all about. We have a huge number of tapes, both reel-to-reel and cassette, recording the anointed ministry of our brother Fred Dunn.

We want to share them with you. Please feel free to either listen online or download the files to listen later. They are big files so they take a while to download, but it enables you to listen to the word at a time or times to suit you.

If you want to hear what Mr Dunn taught on a specific subject, try the search box immediately below. We have attempted to include words and phrases in the individual sermon descriptions which give at least an indication of the content, but obviously the only way to appreciate them is to listen to them!

Tongues and interpretation given just before lockdown

Tongues and interpretation given at Bethesda meeting on 15th March 2020

Acts 2:17 to Acts 3:13. Sheffield 22.3.97

God has proved himself to us so that we can believe in Him and be sure in our belief. He is willing to pour His spirit upon us. We must follow Him There's no way back to the world. We have been born into His kingdom and are in it, we are children of the resurrection. We need to look for Christ in people.

Isaiah 53 January 1975

Looks at the picture which Isaiah gives us of Jesus Christ in this scripture. We have gone astray but through Him can receive and enjoy salvation. We should not forget and take for granted the things we used to value when we were first saved. We need to move on and walk with our eyes fixed on Jesus. We need to look for the truth – If you look for the error you’ll miss the truth but if you look for the truth you’ll see the error.

Meeting at Gee Cross nr Manchester

Yes, it’s real. John the Baptist “Are you the one?” Jesus wept. No greater prophet – except Himself. Problems, tribulation. To walk with God there is a cost. Keep His commandments. (John 14:6 on). The fruit of the Spirit. Tongues, Wendy, interpreted Helen. Harry sings.

The tabernacle of God is with men

Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men (Revelation 21:3). Why does God allow bad things to happen? We don’t know what He keeps us from. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! (Psalm 107) There is a place in your life no-one but Christ can fill. He satisfies the hungry soul. Oh that men would praise the Lord!

Teaching at Chesterfield, July 1971

We don't know much of what there is to know about Jesus. Poems read: Show me Jesus/ If Jesus is, and is today - see Rev 1:4. Where would I begin to show you Jesus? Matt Ch 5. Sermon on the mount. Jesus lived the life and He inherited the promises of God. He suffered; we suffer and we are pruned to bring forth fruit. We are the salt of the earth. Danger of backsliding and cooling. Mark 14:26. Gethsemane.


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