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We are a group of Christians who meet together for prayer and worship each week. The fellowship has existed for over 40 years and is based on the ministry of Mr Frederick William Dunn.

Fred, who lived in Sheffield, England, became a Christian at the age of 40 and was called by God to minister. He did this faithfully and with power for the rest of his life, going to his Lord in 2010 at the age of 89. Those of us who were privileged to know him and to receive from his ministry have continued to meet, mainly in each other’s homes, since then and we have continued to experience God’s blessing.

There are many ministries within the Fellowship and we have an extensive ‘goldmine’ of meeting tapes containing Mr Dunn’s sermons and also items such as chorus singing, solos, testimonies and prophesies and we feel that others may wish to hear some of this material.

Perhaps you're preparing a sermon yourself? Why not use the search box below to listen to what Mr Dunn said on your subject. Or just pick a sermon at random. Some of us like to listen to one in the car, or even while doing the ironing!

Whenever you listen, we pray that God will use the material shared here to richly bless you. This richness is our testimony to you and the reason for the existence of this website.

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Just a few pics taken over the years

While we mainly meet to worship our Lord and to learn more of Him, there have been birthdays, baptisms and even a few 'trips out' from time to time.

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Our Meetings

23 Jun

Shirley House, Sheffield

2:00 PM

03 Jul

Dalton Court, Sheffield

2:00 PM

21 Jul


12:00 PM